Carl Cunow and Nathan Romano co-founded Onia in 2009, a lifestyle brand that emphasizes comfort and versatility in all things. Each piece in the range, from basic wardrobe staples to beachwear and accessories, is crafted for ease with clean-cut silhouettes and modern fabrics to create a minimalist aesthetic, perfect for every day.

A fashion executive with experience working on four continents, Carl brings longstanding relationships with artisans and boutique manufacturers to the company. Nathan, a sales and licensing visionary, oversees several facets of the business, including marketing and brand development.  


Onia, which means ‘sailboat’ in Hebrew, represents Carl and Nathan’s shared passion for journeys of discovery and fine craftsmanship, rooted in superior design.

Innovative yet timeless, simple and purposeful, the pieces all combine great fit with form to deliver functional wardrobing options for men and women. The apparel is streamlined and thoughtfully detailed, wearable and crisp — thanks in part to the fabrics, which are chosen for their endurance and high quality. 

Onia is committed to making easy, stylish living an achievable concept with essentials that seamlessly transition from active days to restful weekends. Everything is reliable, elevated and well-crafted down to the finest detail.