Leo & Lin

Located in Sydney Australia, LEO & LIN is on the rise to become one of the most influential women's ready-to-wear brands in Australia. The brand incorporates the idea of "past and present" in many aspects, showcasing the brand's unique cornerstone style - Modernistic Nostalgia. A style that perfectly resonates through time, mixing modern and the past era design elements.

Under the direction of Founder & Creative Director - Leo Lin, the brand utilises many of his impressions over Australia where he calls home, combining breathtaking art & cultures as the main inspirations. This can dominantly be seen on the garment's prints, drawn and designed exclusively in house, for this idea. Silhouettes often merge strong components such as feminine tailoring and modern leisurewear with those more playful such as ruffles, draping techniques and heavily past era inspired elements.  

Participating in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and other fashion events in Australia, LEO & LIN is on a mission to create impeccable styles for those who are free, strongly spirited and unafraid of who they are and will be. The brand believes every woman is and can be this new era female.

The signature colour LEO & LIN has created - Ms. Moonlight, is an elegant yet mythical blue-grey, appearing on all of the luxe packagings. Golden logo embossed boxes and bags are decorated with divine ribbons, and garments are carefully wrapped. Combined with the exclusively crafted, same-named scent, sprayed effortlessly into the packaging, LEO & LIN ensure delivery of the most magical & memorable shopping experience to its customers.

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