Joslin is an independent luxury fashion brand based in Melbourne, Australia.
Joslin is designed discerningly with a philosophy that centres around high-end design and detailing, natural fabrications and traditional techniques with a simplicity that allows women to feel both confident and comfortable.
Collections experiment with both rich and soft colours, and interesting colour combinations that pair with beautiful floral artworks, hand-sketched by Joslin.
Joslin proudly supports the Sustainable Fashion movement and a shift in consumer intelligence towards a more environmentally conscious Fashion Industry and is proud to be a visionary brand in Australia of consciously made event-wear.
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Joslin Marion Linen Maxi Dress
RM1,899.00 MYR
Joslin Cassidy Linen Blouse
RM999.00 MYR
Joslin Marilyn Linen Palazzo Pant
RM799.00 MYR
RM1,199.00 MYR
Joslin Freya Linen Bodice Top
RM899.00 MYR
Joslin Ariella Linen Midi Skirt
RM699.00 MYR
RM1,099.00 MYR
Joslin Gabrielle Linen Cotton Lace Midi Skirt
RM1,499.00 MYR
Joslin Elaina Linen Cotton Lace Bodice Top
RM899.00 MYR
Joslin Olivia Ramie Midi Dress
RM1,499.00 MYR
Joslin Tyler Cotton Cashmere Pom Pom Knit
RM1,299.00 MYR
Joslin Alondra Ramie Midi Dress
RM1,599.00 MYR

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