Eliya The Label

Eliya The Label is a Melbourne based ready-to-wear label designed for those with inimitable style. Designed to transform your style story, each garment has been meticulously designed with the modern woman in mind. 

The Eliya woman is sophisticated, graceful & distinguished. She communicates individualism through a polished sense of style. Combining feminine silhouettes and modern textures is a speciality that manifests throughout each collection. Each design is crafted with the intension to add a new dimension to your personality and your wardrobe. 

Renowned for our attention to detail, we aim to offer our customers collections which are refined, ontrend and eye-catching season after season. 

You can be sure that each of our garments will offer bespoke, lavish intricacies and mesmerising embellishments that cannot be found elsewhere.  From the beading on a playsuit, sequins on a choker to the tassels on a dress; textural play is our secret to a spotlight look.

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Eliya The Label Ariel Dress
RM1,499.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Skyla Blazer
RM1,399.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Aida Pants
RM1,099.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Aida Blazer
RM1,199.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Aimee Pantsuit
RM1,699.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Kianna Dress
RM1,699.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Akira Gown
RM2,199.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Caroline Pantsuit
RM1,599.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Nadine Dress
RM1,799.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Savannah Top
RM899.00 MYR
Eliya The Label Skyla Skirt
RM1,099.00 MYR

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