Soy Wax Candles

Paraffin Candles

Before I start bragging about how amazing soy wax candles are, let me first feed you guys with some facts. Fun fact No 1: Candles sold in bulk at a dirt cheap price are usually made of paraffin, a.k.a, paraffin candles; fun fact No 2: Paraffin candles are derived from petroleum; not so FUN fact No 3: Paraffin candles emits particles and soot that contaminates the air we breathe in, causing respiratory irritation. In conclusion, paraffin candles are harmful for both your health and the environment plays ‘Killing me softly’ as BGM.


Soy Wax

But no worries, a pollution free romantic ambience or that candle filled chi-space at home is still possible with…. SOYWAX! How much better are Soy Wax candles compared to paraffin candles you’re asking? Soy wax burns 30-50% longer and it is biodegradable which contributes largely to the environment. Soy wax will help you achieve your aesthetic goals (that is if that goal involves candles) without disturbing the air you breathe in!

Grabbing this opportunity, the August Store Team proudly presents, ALCHEMY PRODUX. Alchemy Produx is an Australia based candle artisans that offers a wide range of flavored soy wax candles. Be aware, you might be hooked on to these candles do emit a subtle but highly addictive aroma. Do come in store to find out more *wink*.